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Entry #22

Greetings again

2018-01-17 07:26:08 by MattTheParanoidKat

Just posting ehre to let you know that I am still alive Newgrounds. anyone who still cares atleast but hey! I am a working lad now and am bored enough on my times off to shitpost here for a bit. I am not sure how many years Newgrounds has left but fuck it I might aswell say what I have been up to eh?

basically I went through some shit, got a job finally. inbetween all that plays some games (Nier Automata is the game of the year of 2017 btw) and am starting to get inspired a bit. not all there yet but here's hoping good things can happen.

I dont have much else to say so here's a video from vocaloid shit to say how I feel about you twats who still care:



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2018-01-17 09:54:33

Now I can’t get that song out of my head... (Welcome Back!)