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2015-02-03 01:43:57 by MattTheParanoidKat

Well, this is odd, it's funny how I come back to this site time and time again after seeminly getting bored or distant to it. But yet, it's never been all that bad all things considered. Basically, I havn't been in the best of spirits lately and the one website I used to frequent other than this one, I feel I can do with out it. I've become absolutely jaded towards the userbase there and whilst that goes for all forums I have decided that I have no business there anymore. Through a certain discussion that I support, I have become jaded, burnt and volatile because this discussion centres around a shitshow. And after trying to not let my emotions be frayed by anyone, I snapped. You don't act like a hypocrite and assume anything about me. And I am done with it, I have no reason to be on a website that marginalizes and vilifies me for having an opinion and being naturally frustrated with people. I'm sorry but it's not something I want a part in. Frankly I'd rather be on the Newgrounds BBS at this point. It's quite dead and I don't actually care about the content here but fuck it, I am completely done with TSE and it's forums.


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2015-03-14 22:09:11


MattTheParanoidKat responds:

Gandhi was a vindictive fuck, I've played those Civilization games, fucker had nukes.